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Adventure Encounter continues to do all we can to provide a safe and healthy option to help you and yours enjoy the great outdoors.

At this time, all tours are considered private and are for you and your own small group of 2-8 people. All group activities, day camps and remote camps are split into small groups of 10 or less for rotations and tours.

Following guidelines from the CDC and local health authorities, we are operating with updated precautions and protocols to include:

  • Enhanced pre-trip health screening procedures
  • Vehicle, Gear and Facility Sanitation
  • Trip Change Policies
  • Updated Cancellation Policies
  • Private tours



  • You have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19
  • You have experienced a fever over 99.5 in the last 72 hours
  • You have traveled out of the country in the last 21 days
  • Temperatures will be taken by staff prior to campers loading for camp

Large Group Tours - this can be used as a day trip and correlated with river kayaking and team building options. Available for groups up to 40, participants will be split into smaller groups of 10 or less and rotated between kayaking and team building with options of competition games, build a boat race, GPS challenge course or water recreation which includes time swimming, tubing and SUP boards.

Remote Camps - this is offered as a camp option for up to 5 days based in and around the Verde River. Labeled as an Adventure Camp, we provide all the essence of outdoor fun to include; tents, sleeping cots & pads, full kitchen & meals, groovers, yard games, kayaking, tubing & SUP Boarding, hiking, swimming, water challenges and even a water slide. All this in a remote and private area that allows you to be with your own group in a remote area with limited exposure outside of your own group and all the opportunities of camp.

Health screenings from the CDC are in place for before the group departs for camp to include the following...

At Camp Modifications:

  • Participants will break into 4 small groups of 8-10 for remote camp activities
  • Campers will sleep on cots spread out in large tents and only sleep 4 per tent.
  • Meals will be served in the same small groups
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided before and after all meals and activities
  • All gear and equipment will be sanitized between each group use
  • Staff quarters, camp kitchen and meal service will be set up separately from campers tent areas.
  • PPE will be utilized in service areas such as camp kitchen
  • On site recreation will be set up separately from camp kitchen area and tent area.
  • Campers will be instructed to sanitize remote bathrooms after each use