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Team Challenge

Create it! Build it! Race to the finish line!


- Group size minimum of 15: $50pp
- Large group discount at 50 to 100: $45pp
     -- Cold lunch option $10 per person
     -- Hot lunch option $15 per person
- Add-on module to Camp, Lake or River Day: $25pp


2-3 Hours depending on group size

A great addition or stand-alone group challenge to add at your next get together! Groups are split into teams of 5-10 for this fun activity and provided materials to create a flag to fly their motto and time to develop a competitive team chant. Once the teams have built their flag design and shared their warrior yell, teams are given an array of building material to work as a team to build a one-person, drivable race car and decorate their team logo on a racing suit. Once the teams have built their derby car design, they pick their driver and race for the title with an award ceremony to celebrate complete with medals.

This activity can be added with other team building options to create a half or full day of fun competition with rotations.

In addition to the game time, AE offers a hearty lunch during your team challenge. Lunch items vary with hot or cold options. What a great way to celebrate your family reunion, birthday party, youth group or corporate event.

Event pricing includes all building supplies, music booth and skilled guides.

Add to the fun by rotating with other team building options such as a Build A Boat, Catapult Launch, Crate Stack or Map Quest Course.  CLICK HERE.

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