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Reaching high goals one crate at a time!


- Group size minimum of 15: $50pp
- Large group discount at 50 to 100: $45pp
     -- Cold lunch option $10 per person
     -- Hot lunch option $15 per person
- Add-on module to Camp, Lake or River Day: $25pp


2-3 Hours depending on group size

A great addition or stand-alone challenge to add at your next get together! Crate stacking is the portable alternative to rappelling when a cliff isn’t available, and trees are. As an individual challenge, each person is given the opportunity to slip into a climbing harness and try their skill at stacking milk crates as high as 20 feet into the air to ring a bell before the crates come crashing down. This is as much fun to watch as it is to participate! AE also provides the popular game of 9-square to assist in friendly competition as others are climbing the milk crates.

This activity can be added with other team building options to create a half or full day of fun competition with rotations.

In addition to the game time, AE offers a hearty lunch during your skill activity. Lunch items vary with hot or cold options. What a great way to celebrate your family reunion, birthday party, youth group or corporate event.

Event pricing includes all rope equipment, safety gear, 9-square and skilled guides.

Add to the fun by rotating with other team building options such as a Build A Boat, Catapult Launch, Derby Car Race or Map Quest Course.  CLICK HERE.

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